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Many Benefits through One Portal

You have a busy schedule, so when you need work-related information, you don't want to have to do a time-consuming search. At CompassOne at Shell, we provide an easily accessible online benefits portal for dining associates. A full range of information is available with the stroke of a few keys.

Dining Associates

This is a quick reference page to help you find the information you need. We also provide you with access to report the following:


Chef and Dining Employee

Associate Recognition

Is there someone you work with that deserves some special recognition?CompassOne at Shell makes it easy for you to recognize your co-workers for their contributions.

Recognize Your Co-Workers for their Contributions - Select Job Well Done Link

1. Safety - Are they a safe worker? - Provide Examples: [Have Not Been Intervened Upon, Has Intervened on Another's Behalf, Has Not Incurred Incidents]

2. Are they a team player? – Provide Examples: [Are They Offering Assistance without Request, Are They Volunteering, Are They a Champion of Some Sort]

3. Does this person accept or create stretch assignments past the boundaries of their current position? – Provide Examples: [Ex. Volunteer, Project Lead, Cover a Station or Shift, Roll out Program]

Job Listings

Find a new position with job listings posted on our portal. We provide you with the most recent listings available in the Houston area, such as:

Open Positions – Dining at Shell [Example]

Management Positions at Shell

Functionality Coming Soon